Usher in the New Work Age by Offshoring a Virtual Assistant


We live in a world where a 10-year old is at grips with more scientific facts than a 40-year old did a century ago. This is the golden age of computers and revolutionary communication technology. You don’t, therefore, need an office full of workers to run a successful business on a global scale, offshoring to a virtual assistant has become a popular way to run just about any business that you may have in mind.

Changing work patterns

33njgrgjThe global economy is no longer predictable. Market volatility and sporadic price change in essential commodities such as oil make it difficult for companies to have a solid blueprint that can enable them to maintain the corporate culture as it was known before the rise of the internet as a work platform that brings together employers and employees from across the world.

The global economic disparities and the push for better living standards have sparked innovative ways of doing things. It’s no longer necessary to bring in skilled expatriates from their motherlands. They can work for you from the comfort of their homes a halfway around the world. You subsequently get to enjoy favorable hourly rates that translate into reduced wage and overhead bills.

What to outsource

Companies with the leanest management strategies have the healthiest balance sheets. Lean in this case means the handling of day-to-day operations innovatively and affordably. For example, there isn’t need for having a fully-fledged department that deals with SEO, social media campaigns or other forms of online marketing strategies. Seasoned virtual assistants know how to gauge your niche markets. They recognize the kind of online campaigns to expand your clientele base besides creating formidable customer loyalty.

Activities such as prospect creation, data entry, and data mining are no longer handled by in-house staff members in most organizations. Report transcriptions and arrears management portfolios and diary management are all outsourced today in the bid to minimize cost and maximize service delivery.

Beating the competition

22hjbdjfdyIt’s difficult to come up with a line of business that doesn’t exist already. It’s, however, possible to build on an existing business idea and transform it into a towering global entity, irrespective of your entrepreneurial aspirations. To attain this feat, you need a virtual assistant with extensive research skills to help you gauge your current position in a given market. The evaluation is significant in putting together a plan that you can ride on the top.

Note that beating competition calls for best business practice which includes having up to date books of account, tax returns and tacit credit management systems. You can’t afford to tarnish your name as a result of any malpractices and neither can you let your competitors into your intricate plans. It follows that the team of virtual assistants that you choose to work with should exhibit high-level professionalism.

The firm must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement with your enterprise as to eliminate corporate espionage. This involves stealing and selling of business ideas from one business entity and selling it to a competitor or using the idea to create a new business outfit.